Below are descriptions of our flavors, in no way does this menu represents a full ingredient list. Provided upon request or...

Ice Cream

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Yogurt & Sherbets

Non Dairy Options


ALMOND JOY Coconut ice cream w/ chopped almonds & chocolate chips

BEAR CLAW Dark chocolate base w/ chocolate coated cashews & swirled w/ caramel

BLACK BEAR Vanilla ice cream w/ raspberry filled chocolate truffle cups & raspberry swirl, wildly delicious!

BLACK RASPBERRY A natural black raspberry ice cream, smooth and creamy.

BLUEBERRY CRUMBLE Blueberry ice cream w/blueberry swirl & oatmeal cinnamon crumbles

BOSTON BLACKOUT Chocolate ice cream w/ swirls of brownie batter & chunks of brownies

BUBBLE GUM Pink bubble gum flavored ice cream w/ assorted gum pieces

BUTTER CRUNCH Butter toffee flavored ice cream w/ butter toffee candy

BUTTER PECAN Butter toffee flavored ice cream w/ pecans

CAKE BATTER Rainbow sprinkles, chunks of cake & blue buttercream frosting in cake batter flavored ice cream

CARAMEL CARIBOU Toffee base w/ thick golden caramel & chocolate caramel cups

CHERRY BLOSSOM Cherry base w/ dark Bordeaux cherries

CHOCOLATE Rich chocolate ice cream, simple and delicious

CHOCOLATE CHIP Vanilla ice cream with medium size chocolate chips

CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE DOUGH Choc. chip ice cream w/ chunks choc. chip cookie dough

CHOCOLATE COOKIE MONSTER Chocolate base w/ chocolate cookie dough & chocolate cookie crumb

CHOCOLATE PEANUT BUTTER SWIRL Chocolate ice cream w/ a generous real peanut butter swirl

CHOCOLATE RASPBERRY TRUFFLE Chocolate ice cream w/ a rich raspberry swirl & chocolate chips

CINNAMON COFFEE CAKE Creamy base w/ cinnamon graham swirl 

COOKIE JAR Vanilla ice cream w/ peanut butter cookie and Oreos

COTTON CANDY Pink cotton candy flavored ice cream w/ rainbow sprinkles

DINOSAUR CRUNCH Blue vanilla ice cream w/ chocolate crunch candies & fudge swirls

DIRTY WATER Columbian coffee ice cream with chocolate cookie swirl and chocolate chips.

FOOL’S GOLD Caramel ice cream w/ chocolate cookie crumb swirl & Swiss chocolate pieces

GRAHAM CENTRAL STATION Graham cracker base w/ a graham cracker swirl & choc covered crisp candy

KAHLUA CHIP Coffee liqueur flavored ice cream w/ chocolate chips

LEMON MERINGUE PIE Creamy & light lemon chiffon ice cream w/ a swirl of graham cracker swirl

MAPLE WALNUT Maple flavored ice cream w/ walnuts

MEXICAN CHOCOLATE CHURRO Chocolate ice cream w/ a hint of cinnamon & graham cracker swirl

MILKY WAY Chocolate malt ice cream w/ caramel variegate & chocolate chips

MINT CHOCOLATE CHIP Light green mint flavored ice cream w/ chocolate chips

MINT EXPLOSION Green mint ice cream w/ mint filled cordial cups & fudge variegate

MISSISSIPPI MUD Coffee ice cream w/ Oreo cookie pieces & chocolate chips

M&M CANDY Vanilla ice cream w/ m&m like candies

MOCHA CARMELA BY THE SEA Mocha base w/ caramel sea salt & white chocolate chips

MOCHA CHIP A blend of chocolate & coffee ice cream w/ chocolate chips

MONKEY BUSINESS Banana based ice cream, fudge swirl & mini peanut butter cups 

MOOSE TRACKS Vanilla ice cream w/ mini peanut butter cups swirl & a fudge swirl

MUDDY TURTLE Vanilla ice cream laced with caramel ripple and yummy brownie bits

ORANGE PINEAPPLE Orange colored ice cream loaded w/ pieces of orange flavored pineapple

OREO COOKIE Vanilla ice cream w/ crushed Oreo cookies

PEACH Diced peaches in peach ice cream

PEANUT BUTTER FUDGE Peanut butter ice cream w/ a fudge stripe

PEANUT BUTTER IDITAROD Rich vanilla ice cream w/ chocolate peanut butter cups & swirls of peanut butter

PEPPERMINT STICK A white mint flavored ice cream w/ red & green mint candies

PISTACHIO A light green pistachio flavored ice cream w/ pistachios

PUMPKIN A blend of pumpkin, cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg & cloves

RASPBERRY LEMON CAKE Lemon chiffon base, raspberry swirl and pound cake pieces

RED RASPBERRY REVOLUTION Raspberry base w/ rasp. filled cordial cups & a fudge swirl

ROCKY ROAD Chocolate ice cream w/ mini marshmallow, chocolate covered almonds & cookie crumble

RUM RAISIN Rum flavored ice cream w/ loads of yellow raisins

SEA IS FOR COOKIE Sea salt caramel ice cream w/ chocolate cookie swirl 

SERIOUSLY S'MORES Toasted marshmallow ice cream, graham cracker swirl & chocolate chips

SNICKERS Vanilla ice cream w/ chocolate chips, peanuts & caramel variegate

STRAWBERRY Natural flavored strawberry ice cream w/ strawberries

STRAWBERRY CHEESECAKE New York style cream cheese flavored ice cream w/ a strawberry topping variegate

TOPSY TURVY TURTLE caramel ice cream w/ chocolate swirl & pecans

TOASTED COCONUT sweet coconut ice cream  w/ chocolate-dusted coconut shreds

TRIPLE CHOCOLATE ECSTASY Chocolate ice cream w/ fudge chunks & chocolate variegate

VANILLA The classic kind


*Sweetened with artifical sugar substitute

NO SUGAR VANILLA RASPBERRY SWIRL No sugar/No fat vanilla w/ raspberry swirl sweetened w/ Splenda

NO SUGAR CARAMEL PECAN No sugar base ice cream w/ caramel flavor & real pecans


BLACK RASPBERRY CHIP Black raspberry yogurt w/ chocolate chips

CHOCOLATE PEANUT BUTTER Chocolate yogurt w /swirls of real peanut butter

MINT CHIP Mint green yogurt with chocolate chips

PINK FLAMANGO Pink grapefruit swirls with twirls of mango 



RAINBOW A Combo of orange, lime & raspberry 


SORBET: (Dairy-Free)



NON DAIRY HARD SERVE: (Dairy-Free/plant based/Vegan)