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  • What do you do when someone says they have an allergy?
    We indicate this on an order by putting a STAR next to that order item. Whoever scoops this order item washes their hands and uses a new scoop. HOWEVER, please understand we try our best to keep from cross contaminating hard serve flavors (ie. all peanut butter flavors are in one freezer), we however cannot guarantee there aren't trace amounts of cross contamination. We cannot open a new tub to get your ice cream. NEVER order a frappe (at any ice cream shop!) IF you'd like jimmies/sprinkles, we get a clean cup, scoop a small amount of jimmies directly from box and you can then roll your cone in them. If you have a severe allergy, please consider our Rich's Ice Cream Sandwiches as your only safe option. Spend some time on our "allergy & nutrition" page as well, you will find LOTS of info there! & when in doubt, ask us please!! We have our allergy chart online and in house. You know your limitations and are knowledgable about your allergy/health condition. We are a fast paced, nut house and the responsibility for your own safety lies in your hands. ASK, watch & we will do our very best to help you enjoy a sweet treat safely within our limitations.
  • What flavors are non or low fat?
    Our no-sugar vanilla w/ raspberry swirl is non fat The complete nutrition breakdown is available for each flavor, either in house by asking or by going to our "allergy & nutrition" page
  • Is there "sugar" in the "no-sugar added" flavors?  What does that mean?"
    There is no "real sugar" in those flavors, there is "sugar substitute", both the flavors we currently have use Splenda brand sugar substitute. The complete nutrition and ingredient breakdown is available for each flavor on our "allergy & nutrition page" or by asking us.
  • What flavors are non-dairy?
    Our sorbets are dairy free and we also offer four other non dairy ice cream options made by Sweet Tree Creamery: non dairy vanilla, chocolate, Oreo and cookie dough. Each of these non dairy ice creams are coconut and oat based. Also, please note: many people think sherbet is has LESS dairy than ice cream but it still HAS DAIRY. Please always check our allergen chart or ask us for the nutrition info when you visit if need be.
  • Do you take credit cards?
    We began accepting credit cards in 2020.
  • Do you make your ice cream? & if not, who does?"
    No, we do not make our ice cream and never have. During our high season we sell over 1000+ gallons of ice cream a week, we could not possibly keep up with the demand ourselves! We like to say we do what we're good at and let the ice cream people do what they are good at! We have proudly sold Blake's ice cream since our conception (1983), and this past winter, Blake's sold their business to another New England-based company, Bliss Creamery. Currently Bliss produces the majority of our flavors. Since 2016 to round out of flavor options we have sold a handful of flavors from Gifford's Ice Cream produced in Skowhegan, Maine.
  • Do you have a customer bathroom?
    We did until 2017 season, we have changed our customer bathroom to a hand wash room to clean up before or get that sticky off of you after your treat! We have a porta potty or 2 (in high season) that are routinely maintained in the back of our property. We had to make this change for many reasons, but simply, we became too busy serving ice cream and food to properly and safely maintain a clean restroom in a very small lobby. We serve over 1000 people a day in high season...use your imagination.
  • When do you open, how late in the season are you open?"
    We always open the Friday of Memorial Day weekend and we are open 7 days a week from open till closing day which is around the end of September (depending entirely on how well staffed we are in September). We do not stay open until Columbus Day because by mid August our staffing due to school sports and college kids leaving has shrunk drastically! We barely hobble our way to the end of September, we could never make it to October. We are also in a 200 year old barn w/ no insulation or heat making those cool, slow fall days less than pleasant.
  • How long has this been here?
    We opened in 1983, so 2023 is our 41st season. Visit the "our story" page here on our website to learn more!
  • What do you do all winter?
    Well, the scoopers all go to school (high school or college), the bakers all go back to work (they all work in the school systems) and the owners catch their breath! As owners we have responsibilites that don't end when we hang up the "closed for the season" sign. It takes us about a month to clean and close up the physical business. It takes about 2 months to hire and get the business ready to open Memorial Day weekend. In between we try to catch up with our friends, family and each other after working non stop, 7 days a week for 5 months. We occasionally run away for a bit and find some "summer" in everyone else's winter season since we spend our summers inside scooping it up! :) Over the winter of 2020/21 Scott published a beautiful coffee table art book of the town of Wells. It was a three year project come to fruition. Available in Scoop Deck & online:
  • Are you all just really short?
    Ha! How many times have we heard this one?! So your side of the counter is much higher than our side making us all look super short! The Scoop Deck is in a 200 year old horse barn. It has been modified, adjusted, and sunk over those 200 years...!
  • What's the difference between a small and a double kiddie?
    Double kiddie is the same size (amount of ice cream) as a small, but a Double kiddie is for 2 equal scoops of 2 different flavors. A small is one big scoop and a half scoop on top (same amount of ice cream). If you "order" a double kiddie but only one flavor, we will charge you and serve you a small ice cream & likely not explain this confusing situation to you! :)
  • How many flavors do you have?
    Around 72 flavors. Then there are the combos you can create and possibilites are endless! Visit our Flavor Board page to see them all!
  • What flavor do you sell the most of?
    Vanilla is our top seller, amazing right?! Then Moose Tracks is second.
  • Do you cater ice cream for weddings & parties?
    We are able to sell you 3 gallon tubs of our ice cream during our season (Memorial Day to mid Sept) however we do not provide delivery to the event nor are we able to provide scoopers to scoop your ice cream at your event. Please email us if you have a request for purchasing tubs for a special occasion within our ordering season. If you don't need 3 gallon tubs - maybe a smaller party- check out our Parties to Go page!
  • Do you make ice cream cakes?
    Something we have considered but not something we are currently offering.
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